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    • Bandesnaci

    • 17 July, 2013 in Events

    The Controller Convention is Coming!

    Question: What do you get when you rally some of the worlds most enthusiastic controllerists, music manufacturers, educators, DJs, in one place for THREE DAYS?

    Answer: A lot of noise and a damn good time.

    ConCon graphic

    The worlds first Controller Convention (aka “ConCon”) is happening this weekend, July 19-21 in Los Angeles, California. Featured artists include Moldover, Henry Strange, Daedelus, Steve Nalepa, Alex Kane, Rich DDT and more. Representatives from Ableton, Livid Instruments, Novation, Native Instruments, Cycling ’74 and more will be there to give hands-on demos. Check the website for the latest info: http://www.controllerconvention.org/