• Teaser: Launchbox by Moldover debut on the 4th of July

    The Launchbox design. Photo courtesy of Moldover.

    The Launchbox design. Photo courtesy of Moldover.

    Moldover has been hard at work on a new jambox in the vein of his OctaMasher and SyncoMasher multiplayer instruments, which will be unveiled at Priceless on the 4th of July. With Novation providing a lot of the raw controllers for the Launchbox and an accessible, modular design, we can’t wait to see this thing take off! Also, there’s a video coming, so stay tuned!

    Here’s what the man himself has to say about it:

    “The Launchbox is constructed using the ConnecTable jambox platform. This is a new kind of jambox emphasizing the maker/hacker/DIY ethos. The tools and resources used to create jamboxes have become so popular and widespread that THOUSANDS of people around the world have EVERYTHING they need to build their own. This is where my skill as a designer, and my helpful community of builder-type friends, come in! ConnecTable is a complete design for a modular jambox system using the most popular music making tools. There are literally hundreds of thousands of “obsolete” USB MIDI controllers with a 2-octave keyboard or 16 drum pads floating around out there. Practically every musician and DJ has a copy of Ableton Live software. It’s become a ubiquitous platform for writing and performing music. And who doesn’t have an old home-stereo receiver or a pair of old computer speakers sitting in a closet somewhere? All that’s missing is a carefully thought out design that will turn creation of a jambox from a complicated and expensive undertaking, to something affordable, easy and fun. All the design files and templates will be available soon at jamboxes.net. Download and make your own!

    This ConnecTable was made with controllers and an audio interface donated by Novation. The sound content comes largely from the Ninja Tune app Ninja Jamm. The software is courtesy of Ableton, Cycling 74, and Sugar Bytes. The other components are Moldover’s private stash, and new materials brought to you by False Profit. Go team!”

    Social instruments FTW!