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  • Bitwig Studio Released!

    featured image Bitwig Studio Released! fullscreen
    March 26th brings the launch of the much-anticipated Bitwig Studio 1.0. What more is there to say? We here at Controllerism.com are completely ecstatic, especially since we just received a couple of licences from the Bitwig elves, so expect an in-depth and hands-on article soon!...
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  • Nektar Impact LX49 Walkthrough

    featured image Nektar Impact LX49 Walkthrough fullscreen
    I’ve recently had the chance to get my hands on a new MIDI keyboard and am completely blown away by the quality of components, build, and integration. Nektar is a company that has been making waves over the last couple of years thanks to their...
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  • The Livid Base hangs out with Bitwig

    featured image The Livid Base hangs out with Bitwig fullscreen
    The music production and performance community has been abuzz about Bitwig Studio since it was announced more than a year ago. A lot of the more recent online discussions about it have been centered on whether or not it actually exists and whether or not...
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  • New video of Bitwig Studio being controlled by the NI Maschine

    Bitwig have just published a video on their YouTube channel demonstrating the use of the NI Maschine as a step sequencer with Bitwig Studio. The description of the video mentions Bitwig’s open controller scripting API as allowing to hack custom user functionality for any MIDI...
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