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    Yay, audio!

    Our monthly “Beyond Control” podcast showcases cool tracks from all areas of the electronic (and even sometimes non-electronic) music industry, from small independent artists to big names that even my Grandma has probably heard of. There’s also news, skits and some content that you won’t find anywhere else, everything lovingly jam-packed into 40 minutes of awesome per episode.

    Tech gremlins ransacking the recording studio in the past few months led to a need to move out of the country, which means that the “Beyond Control” podcast is currently on a temporary hiatus, set to return this October.


    Ep. 3, April 2013:

    Greetings, Earthlings! We are here to awesomize your planet! Check out the description an linksĀ here.

    Ep. 2, March 2013:

    Welcome to the March 2013 episode of “Beyond Control”! May the sound of lakeside birds inspire to buy sexy yoga pants, even if you’re a dude.

    Links and description here.

    Ep. 1, February 2013:

    Welcome to the first episode of “Beyond Control”! I can assure you, we’re friendly aliens, and our “Futurama” references are totally harmless.

    Links and description here!