• Bespoke Synth

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    A few months ago at the A3E conference, I was fortunate to spend an evening with Ryan Challinor. Ryan was my collaborator on the free SetListFire Max for Live patch, and he is currently developing an ambitious new piece of music-creation software called Bespoke. Calling...
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  • The Future of the Keyboard Synthesizer

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    The chromatic keyboard was historically the first “traditional” musical interface to be successfully paired with electronic sound generation. Today we’re smack in the middle of an era where “alternative” interfaces like grid-controllers are becoming massively popular, and minds are exploding everywhere with the myriad possibilities...
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  • NAMM 2015 Highlights

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    NAMM has just ended and the web is stocked with fresh gear-related news. Music manufacturers from around the world have been sharing their latest efforts and helping shape the future of the instruments we play. I’ve dug through much of what’s happening and selected a...
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  • Controllerism visuals with Brainwash from Isotonik Studios & Ned Rush

    featured image Controllerism visuals with Brainwash from Isotonik Studios & Ned Rush fullscreen
    Isotonik Studios, the makers of cool things that┬ámakes things better than I thought they could possibly be, have yet again released something cool – a┬ávisualizer for Max 4 Live called Brainwash! Istonik explains it perfectly: “Responding to the amplitude in your audio signal, sound is...
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