• Introducing the Novation Launch Control XL

    featured image Introducing the Novation Launch Control XL fullscreen
    Novation has added a new member to the Launch family of controllers – Launch Control XL! It’s a Launchpad sized controller with 24 knobs, 8 faders, and 16 buttons. First – a performance: Now, an explanation: I don’t recall seeing “official” pricing or release date(s),...
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  • Download the 7GB set that coined controllerism

    featured image Download the 7GB set that coined controllerism fullscreen
    I’m thrilled to announce that my Live Remashing project is now “open source”. Now you can download an updated version of the Ableton Live template featured in the popular video that was so pivotal in coining the term controllerism: “Moldover’s Approach to Controllerism”. I’ve included...
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  • Jamboxes on iOS

    Cotracks is a new iPad app that brings serious jambox design to the tablet PC format. The morphable 1-player/2-player/4-player layout, and the intuitive drag-and-drop interface are great examples of what touch-screens can do so well. I’m excited that a company like Futucraft has finally brought...
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  • The Return of Rheyne

    featured image The Return of Rheyne fullscreen
    In late 2012, our inaugural “Controllerist Feature” profiled NYC-based performer, Rheyne. At the time, I was fairly new to the controllerism scene and (regrettably) not familiar with Rheyne or his work, but thanks to that write-up I immediately became hooked. I have many a fond memory of...
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