• Onyx Ashanti is building a robot army

    For those of you who didn’t know, Onyx Ashanti is nuts. Start off the week with this:

    You can read about what he talks about wanting to build here. His Indiegogo crowd funding campaign focuses on raising money to build a network of beatjazz systems (read: making weird glitchy music by dancing with light-emitting 3D printed gadgets strapped to your body) that use what he calls nodes to talk to each other. This way, a group of musician users (or “pilots”) can make music collaboratively. But where are the robots, you ask?¬†Well, the Nodes he plans to build look like this:

    Node:0, the first node. Image courtesy of Onyx Ashanti.

    Node:0, the first node. Image courtesy of Onyx Ashanti.

    …and although he specifically states that the nodes will not be robotic (but will have legs), he does mention the fact that robotic elements will be integrated later on, once the design stabilizes. So, long story short, hivemind robot spiders. That is all.

    I wholly encourage you to check out Onyx’s Indiegogo campaign and donate. More than bringing robot spiders into the homes of musicians, his plans are about creating a system for lots of musicians to collaborate from a distance, which, although not entirely an original idea in itself, has an incredibly original method of implementation and is sorta revolutionary. Robot spiders FTW!