• Native Instruments releases Traktor Remix Sets

    Native Instruments released a new video on their YouTube channel today, unveiling a new format of tracks to be sold via Beatport. This Remix Set is designed to be imported into Traktors new Remix Decks, with different bass, drums, synth and sample stems to be rearranged and remixed, thus giving the user the option of performing the track in a fashion increasingly further away from the traditional DJ approach.

    The new track format is designed to go perfectly with the Kontrol F1 and even though it looks uncannily like Ableton clip launching, its release does fit in very well with our last article on the live performance versus press play subject. The addition of more and more live performance elements to Traktor is starting to more strongly highlight this direction for mainstream live electronic music performance.

    The first track in the series of Remix Sets is “Twisted Sister” by M.A.N.D.Y. ,  who also appear in the video to provide a short interview.