• Motion control, new standard or passing fad?

    In February, we asked what the next unconventional sensor to work its way in to controllers would be. Shortly after that the Midi Fighter 3D was announced, and a little while after that the Leap was introduced as a new way to interact with computers through motions.

    The Leap goes even deeper than the already popular Microsoft Kinect. Whether it’s through slight swaying, subtle hand jolts, or headbanging like we’re at a Lamb of God show, controllerists like to move!

    We’ve seen that the Midi Fighter 3D has a place in the arsenal of many a controllerist.

    The Leap won’t be released until December of this year, so we’ll all have to wait patiently to see how people integrate it into their setups. While I can think of many Theremin type ways that the Leap could be integrated into live performance, I primarily view it as becoming a valuable studio tool for myself.

    Do you see major controller manufactures working motion control into future hardware or do you think this will always occupy a niche market? Let us know in the comments.