• Livid Instruments Base revealed

    An image of the Livid Instruments Base

    The Livid Base. Photo courtesy of Livid

    Following up on a recent teaser announcement, the people at Livid Instruments have revealed their newest controller, Base.

    Housed in an all aluminum enclosure with no moving parts, Base is a sturdy and impressive piece of hardware. It is a USB bus powered and class compliant device that will work with any MIDI compatible software. It features 32 touch-sensitive pads with aftertouch, 9 touch faders, 8 touch-sensitive buttons, and 8 momentary buttons all with their own RGB lights.
    Livid Instruments Base web-based editor
    The controls are completely editable, and via Livid’s Base Editor web application, will provide a multitude of ways to control user applications. The 32 pressure-sensitive pads feature aftertouch, and can be configured with fixed velocities. The touch faders have the ability to provide note and velocity information- giving you the option to instantly engage effects or trigger sounds through them, and receive LED feedback of the parameters being controlled. Base Editor will also allow users to easily configure the velocity sensitivity of the pads, fader display modes, light color, MIDI output, and set button functions to momentary or toggle. Settings can be saved to the internal memory, then displayed and recalled with the press of a button.

    “With Base, you can focus on playing and tweaking with just enough controls to fill your hands and just enough options to fill your head. And because it’s a Livid controller, we’ll be coming out with new interesting templates, patches, apps, and videos that will help you learn new ways of freeing your Base.” -Livid Instruments

    Price and Availability:
    Base is currently available for pre-order in the Livid Instruments shop for $399.