• Launchpad95 – Play the Ableton Push on the Novation Launchpad

    My Launchpads running Launchpad95

    My Launchpads running Launchpad95

    Thanks to Thavius Beck, I recently came across this cool script for the Novation Launchpad (and its new version, the Launchpad S) that turns it into a mini Ableton Push. It’s painless to download and install, and a lot of fun to use.

    I’ve got a Push, and I must say that this does a really good job of emulating it in a smaller and more portable size. It’s emulation of the Push’s Note/Instrument mode is great. Especially the ability to enter Scale mode and modify which user mode you’re in (Chromatic, Diatonic, and Drum Rack), which key you’re in, and which musical mode you’re in (Major, Minor, Mixolydian, etc.). The step sequencing abilities are awesome too. It took me just a little longer to get used as opposed to Push’s step sequencer (a few minutes vs a few seconds), but it’s nice and not difficult to understand at all. It makes my different controllers feel like different instruments – like playing different guitars.

    It has breathed new life into my Launchpads and I definitely recommend downloading it if you’ve got one and Live 8 or 9 (Launchpad85 does work with Live 8 even though Push itself does not).

    Click here to find the download and instructions.