• Japanese controllerist duo HIFANA release documentary

    HIFANA is a breakbeat project from Japan, composed out of¬†KEIZOmachine! and Juicy. They both work MPC-style pad machines (sometimes MPCs, sometimes the Maschine) and the turntables, as well as adding live percussion to their sets. They’ve a lot of amazing, weird and quirky videos on their YouTube Channel, which set them apart from a lot of other performers (check out this ingenious thing!).

    Their recently released 13-minute documentary goes into explaining a bit of their history, their philosophy (including opinions about making visuals to go with the music) and their approach to live performance, a unique blend between sampling, playing live acoustic instruments, scratching and button-mashing. The video is inspiring in ¬†a sense that it not only showcases the duo’s talents, but also gives a peek into Japanese dance culture, controllerism and passion for making live music.