• Controllerist Feature – Julien Bayle a.k.a. Protofuse

    Our series of monthly features focuses on different controllerists from around the world that are either pushing the envelope of electronic music and live performance in some way or another, or accomplished performers with an unmistakable sound.

    This month we’ve done a video interview with experimental minimalist Julien Bayle, a digital artist based in Marseille, France, performing new media shows and installations under the artist name Protofuse.

    Julien Bayle has been a new media creator and musician since switching over from his former job as a programmer and IT security specialist. He now sells a vast and eclectic array of Max/MSP and Max4Live devices and Ableton Live templates and tutorials, and iOS mobile applications on his website designthemedia.com (he’s actually giving lots of it away), as well as performing as Protofuse, an IDM and drone act that’s taken him around the world to all sorts of conventions, workshops and events dedicated to experimental electronic music.

    His achievements include starting his own minimal and IDM label, creating his own monster of a MIDI controller (the Protodeck), having his installations part of expositions in the Marseille Museum of Cinema, writing a book about Arduino, and creating a one-of-a-kind visual generator to go with his music, a complex system that processes both MIDI data and audio streams to go with his music, which he taught a workshop about.

    We caught up with Julien in Leicester, UK, where he was teaching a workshop as part the Creative Tehnology Live¬†event in the city cultural quarter. He spoke to controllerism.com about his art, his plans for the future and about keeping the creativity flowing by imposing limitation within a “moving frame” of focus.