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  • DJ QBert’s new vinyl release includes conductive-ink controller

    featured image DJ QBert’s new vinyl release includes conductive-ink controller fullscreen
    Following up on his successful Kickstarter campaign, the world-renowned DJ QBert has helped innovate a new style of interactive album artwork.  A sandwich of traditional printed graphics, conductive ink, and a small circuit board, squish together all the components that create a 12-inch DJ-controller.  It’s...
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  • Daedelus at TEDxMaui

    featured image Daedelus at TEDxMaui fullscreen
    Creator, controllerism legend, monome master, and all around awesome dude, Daedelus, recently shared a video of him speaking about sound and performance at TEDxMaui. First, some words from Daedelus: Early this year I took my first trip to Hawaii taking part in TEDxMaui with a talk on Sound and Performance. I...
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  • Onyx Ashanti on ABC’s Nightline

    featured image Onyx Ashanti on ABC’s Nightline fullscreen
    The November 11, 2014 episode of ABC‘s Nightline will feature a video from artist, inventor, cyborg, and controllerist extraordinaire, Onyx Ashanti. The episode – which airs at 12:35 a.m. EST on the ABC Television Network - will focus on transcranial brain stimulation, so, I’m eager to check out the episode and gain some knowledge. I...
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  • The LinnStrument arrives

    featured image The LinnStrument arrives fullscreen
    When I tell the story of how controllerism and my interest in hacking and building controllers came about, I often mention early multi-touch instruments like the Haken Continuum,  This fantastically expressive and intuitive instrument has been a product for over a decade, but it’s always been somewhat...
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