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  • Onyx Ashanti on ABC’s Nightline

    featured image Onyx Ashanti on ABC’s Nightline fullscreen
    The November 11, 2014 episode of ABC‘s Nightline will feature a video from artist, inventor, cyborg, and controllerist extraordinaire, Onyx Ashanti. The episode – which airs at 12:35 a.m. EST on the ABC Television Network - will focus on transcranial brain stimulation, so, I’m eager to check out the episode and gain some knowledge. I...
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  • The LinnStrument arrives

    featured image The LinnStrument arrives fullscreen
    When I tell the story of how controllerism and my interest in hacking and building controllers came about, I often mention early multi-touch instruments like the Haken Continuum,  This fantastically expressive and intuitive instrument has been a product for over a decade, but it’s always been somewhat...
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  • New Fader Fox controllers

    featured image New Fader Fox controllers fullscreen
    Two new controllers have arrived from longtime boutique mini-controller makers Fader-Fox.  They’ve been steadily cranking out some very innovative and portable controller designs for many years, and we’re excited to see their line of instruments continue to grow.  The PC4 and SC4 are richly laden...
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  • Moldover & Bandesnaci’s Controllerism Jam Session

    featured image Moldover & Bandesnaci’s Controllerism Jam Session fullscreen
    What happens when Moldover & Bandesnaci hang out together?  Lots of things! Including, but not limited to, an Ableton Live User Meet in Bucharest, and a video of the two inventive controllerists showcasing sound design, good music, and collaborative-controllerism at it’s finest!
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