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    • Sunny Haair

    • 10 September, 2013 in Opinions

    An open letter to MIDI keyboards

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    In a world where just about everything you need is a few mouse-clicks away (a pizza, an education, MIDI commands, a date, etc.) it’s really easy to take things for granted. More often than not, things that are taken for granted are usually not missed...
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  • From Turntablism to Controllerism

    Originally written on November 29th, 2009 by DJ Blak Majik. Links updated for context: As a professional DJ, I feel that it is important to not simply practice and stay proficient at what you do, but to stay up on the new technologies and techniques that...
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    • author
    • Bandesnaci

    • 14 November, 2012 in Opinions

    Why Play Live? – Controllerism as a new live standard

    A lot of the tracks I produce are designed to also be performed live or recreated using my controller rig. So instead of pressing play and letting the tracks flow, I create controllerism routines out of them. The best example of this is my Live...
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  • SF Music Tech: It’s More About the Business

    By dataf1ow   SF Music Tech: More About the Business, but the Music Lives On. SF Music Tech is a conference in its eleventh year, that brings together musicians, developers, educators, businessmen and tech geeks from across the musical spectrum.¬† These people are gathered together...
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