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  • Moldover & Bandesnaci’s Controllerism Jam Session

    What happens when Moldover & Bandesnaci hang out together?  Lots of things! Including, but not limited to, an Ableton Live User Meet in Bucharest, and a video of the two inventive controllerists showcasing sound design, good music, and collaborative-controllerism at it’s finest!
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  • Introducing the Novation Launch Control XL

    featured image Introducing the Novation Launch Control XL fullscreen
    Novation has added a new member to the Launch family of controllers – Launch Control XL! It’s a Launchpad sized controller with 24 knobs, 8 faders, and 16 buttons. First – a performance: Now, an explanation: I don’t recall seeing “official” pricing or release date(s),...
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  • The Return of Rheyne

    featured image The Return of Rheyne fullscreen
    In late 2012, our inaugural “Controllerist Feature” profiled NYC-based performer, Rheyne. At the time, I was fairly new to the controllerism scene and (regrettably) not familiar with Rheyne or his work, but thanks to that write-up I immediately became hooked. I have many a fond memory of...
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  • Controllerist Feature: ZedEppelin

    featured image Controllerist Feature: ZedEppelin fullscreen
    My cell phone is the ultimate facilitator. It essentially has the power to dictate what kind of day I’ll have. For instance, if it dies on me while I’m traveling, or I get some sort of troubling message; the day will probably be a pretty...
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