• Artiphon announces Instrument 1

    Nashville-based instrument designers Artiphon have announced the Instrument 1, a new musical controller designed to work with the iPhone 5. Freshly-released teaser shots of it show glimpses of a design that includes hardwood, a fret board and a guitar pickup.

    The Instrument 1 is being marketed as “an entirely new kind of musical device. Musicians of all styles and abilities can now interact with iOS music apps beyond the screen, enabling novel expressive possibilities for performance, recording, and just playing around. The virtual fretboard and strum interfaces are force sensitive and tactile, offering the kind of powerful control over subtle dynamics that defines every great musical instrument. ”

    Aside from iPhone app-based sound control, the Artiphon creation will also boast two high quality stereo speakers with enough power to fill a room, volume, instrument mode and octave switching controls, and on-board connections for Headphones, microphone, MIDI I/O and more.

    Although pre-orders start at 1000$, Artiphon are offering the chance to win one of the first Instruments 1 to be released by completing an online survey.

    Check out some more teaser shots: