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    What is Controllerism.com?

    Controllerism.com is part of a growing community of music makers who love innovative sounds and new technology.  Founded in 2007 by controllerist pioneer Moldover, we are an intentionally diverse team of musicians, DJs, producers, composers, sound designers, makers, hackers, tweakers and sonic revolutionaries from around the world.  Our mission is to inform, entertain and inspire you with fresh nuggets of news and multimedia related to the craft we love.

    Controllerism.com is independently owned, and supported only by our generous sponsors.  Above all, we encourage inclusiveness and community participation. Want to be part of what we’re doing?  Please add your voice to the conversation in the comments, or contact us with your ideas for the site!

    What is controllerism?

    Controllerism has no precise definition. Moldover designed the term in 2007 to help a wider audience understand his use of new music technology and encourage others to explore the same ideas.  As the cultural movement grows, more and more music makers are identifying with the term, companies are using it in their marketing campaigns, and everyone who has heard it seems to “know” what it is.  Awesome!

    We welcome your definition, and we welcome your music.  Button-pushers, finger drummers, digital DJs, live loopers, mashup mixers, beat makers, sound tweakers, and cybernetic video reactive dancers are all welcome here. Controllerism is as much in the mind of the performer as in the eye of the beholder.